Things we should teach our kids (and ourselves)

This is a list of things we should teach our kids (and ourselves) in life, for better citizenship, healthier living and excellent leadership.

Kids, I am convinced are artists by nature, but adults often don’g inspire the process. I am guilty. I love to draw. My boys love to draw. However, we don’t draw together very often, but when we do it is magical and whole heck of a lot of fun. Creativity spawns creativity.

(I am not the first person to say this and I won’t be the last.)
Why in the hell don’t we teach about money in junior high and high school as required course work? Simple and critical financial matters are being grossly overlooked. Dave Ramsey is killing it in the area and you should be too. Start now with your kids.

Adults lack confidence because it wasn’t nurtured in them as kids. Encourage the heck out of you kids and help them to see what they are good at. Teach them to have humble confidence in their strengths and learn to be ok with skills and areas where they have limitations. There is no shame in weakness because we all have stuff that we can do awesome and stuff we can’t.

Failure is not a dirty word. Experimentation follows art and confidence and leads to new achievements. Experimentation enables us to pursue our dreams, create new products, fund new cures and uncover new adventures. Experimentation leads humanity to new heights, deeper love, and greater cooperation. Experimentation requires failure, support, courage and a little moxie.

Computer proficiency
I grew up with an Apple II and then my family was fortunate enough to have one of the very first Mac computers in the Pacific NW. By grace I have been able to provide similar tech opportunities for my kids. WARNING: Giving our kids digital devices for hours and hours of gaming is not the same as guiding them towards computer literacy. I am also not talking about learning to be a social media star on Facebook. Kids needs to lear real programs and acquire real tools. You must watch the video below.  And it is imperative that young people understand these stats.

* There are more and more classic disciplines like such as second language study, science, history and more. The idea is simple, there is so much to learn that will hone who we are as leaders, but far too often we fall short for lack of effort, inspiration, motivation and just pure laziness.