The J O B

1 close friend just landed a GREAT job. However, more than 1 of my friends have lost great jobs in the last year. The space between landing a great job and losing a great job is ‘working at the job’.

For my friend who just landed a job, I hope that he can retain and remember his current state of euphoria, gratitude and motivation to be a great asset to his his new team. Because, when you are jobless, you work your ass off to find a great job. If you get desperate, you will take a solid job. If things get really bad, however, you will take just about any job . This is assumes, of course, you are a responsible, able-bodied and breathing person.

Far too many people slip into ‘working the J O B’. I suspect that most employees don’t even last 30 days before their enthusiasm for their new gainful employment is lost and then everything starts slipping into routine. Work like you own the company. Live with purpose. Do what you love. Say thanks to the men and women who are able to cut the paychecks you take home. Enjoy the life you have… start doing it right now.