As A First Option Try Coaching

Our adult beverages sucked. It would have been very easy to be upset. After all, we had just paid too much for those poolside margaritas to come back as weak flavored water experiments. Our hope was some very cold and refreshing adult beverages to enjoy with our plunge into the pool on that hot day. […]

Take 51 Percent Ownership

Everyone is looking for someone else to be responsible. You would like to receive all of the accolades and but realize none of the risk or responsibility. It is ok to admit this internally. If your job goes well, you will stake claim to the rewards that follow. However, if your job isn’t getting done then it […]

Want To Be Mentored? – part 1

In search of self improvement or a desire to move forward professionally, young people land on the idea that they need a mentor. However, wanting a mentor or teacher is a whole lot easier than the process of being mentored. Here are a few quick things to consider on the subject: [part. 1] Go look […]

Don’t Kill ‘MO’

Objects in motion stay in motion unless met with force or resistance. (A rough paraphrase of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion) This law of motion applies to bike riding, rv pulling, building teams, organizational progress and to leadership. Momentum is a critical ally in leadership. Building ‘MO’mentum takes hard work, well developed strategies, diligent oversight, lots […]

‘Dip’ read

Pick it up & read it: “The Dip” by Seth Godin This is not a new read, but it is a timely read IF you are wondering whether you should push through during a difficult time in leadership OR cut your losses and move on. Inspirational, motivational, and very helpful. BONUS = it should only […]

Permission to say it

If you really want to grow in your leadership then you are going to have to hear what most people aren’t willing to tell you. You need to hear items that will frustrate you, challenge you, encourage you and make you better than you are today. The biggest obstacle to this will be finding someone […]

Teach in failure

Young leaders need feedback. They won’t make all of the right moves and they won’t have all of the experience that you wish they would have to inform their decision making in tough situations. They also don’t have the requisite vision to see what is coming next. That is what makes them young leaders. When […]

Don’t hire employees

I don’t like ’employees’. The term has become synonymous with lazy, entitled, arrogant, bossy, arrived, filling in the time, doing the minimum, and getting by. I know a few exceptions, but they seem to be just that. Consider some other options the next time you are getting ready to spend money on people as a solution […]

no one likes practice

Try – Accept Critical Feedback – Learn – Try Again The real world is not like the classroom. Book knowledge does not translate into application and success. If you really want to get better at your leadership, your vocation of choice, your skill sets then you are going to have to submit to practice. Don’t […]

be genuinely friendly… it isn’t that hard.

It’s weird and fun being on the other side of local church leadership… it is making for some helpful and new insights. Through my new experiences being an attender at local churches I have been able to identify a few basic items that make a for a healthy and successful church. Of these, probably one […]