As A First Option Try Coaching

Our adult beverages sucked. It would have been very easy to be upset. After all, we had just paid too much for those poolside margaritas to come back as weak flavored water experiments. Our hope was some very cold and refreshing adult beverages to enjoy with our plunge into the pool on that hot day. […]

Add Daily Value

Add Daily Value It’s a simple thought, but let it sit on you for a moment as you reflect on your leadership. Don’t think of it as a directive given to you by your boss who is looking for higher ROI (return on investment). No one is going to force you to add daily value […]

Take 51 Percent Ownership

Everyone is looking for someone else to be responsible. You would like to receive all of the accolades and but realize none of the risk or responsibility. It is ok to admit this internally. If your job goes well, you will stake claim to the rewards that follow. However, if your job isn’t getting done then it […]

Want to be mentored? -part 2

In search of self improvement or a desire to move forward professionally, young people land on the idea that they need a mentor. However, wanting a mentor or teacher is a whole lot easier than the process of being mentored. Here are a few quick things to consider on the subject: [part 2] Don’t play […]

The Thrill Of The Challenge

I love competition. And even more, I love leaders who step up to a challenge.These are the kinds of people who say,  “Push me!”  “Go ahead, run your smack talk at me! I am going to prove I belong.” “Notch it up just a bit I want to see if I can compete… to see […]

Leaders Need Washboard Abs

I supposed it has a real name, but I call it the finishing work. It is the work at the end of a project that takes it from being pretty good to being very exceptional. In most cases it is the final 10-15% of the work that could be done, but doesn’t necessarily have to […]

Someone Else’s Strategy

Recently I elected to take a 13 week education course on finance. Initially, I was very resistant to giving up a minimum of 20+ hours of my time over the course of 3 months, but the series of talks has come highly recommended. For context, I haven’t felt a compulsion to buy the course book […]

Drive and Desire

This morning I went to the high school track closest to where I live to put in some speed work as I train for my first marathon. Arriving very early, I found that the track was in complete lock down. Every gate closed, every opening shut, chained and padlocked. Not one soul running. It was […]

The Hardest Road

The hardest road is the one that you are afraid to go down. This road is not your greatest weakness but it might be your biggest obstacle. You know that along the way it will be difficult and grueling. However, it will certainly create change and growth. On this road you might need the challenge […]

Want IT Yourself

It’s fun to help people. I truly enjoy the process of coaching, sharing, challenging and stretching another person to bring out their best. No egos involved, just one human helping another human get ahead, do better, advance in your station in life. I love helping people realize their ‘IT’. IT = your dreams, goals, ambitions, […]