As A First Option Try Coaching

Our adult beverages sucked. It would have been very easy to be upset. After all, we had just paid too much for those poolside margaritas to come back as weak flavored water experiments. Our hope was some very cold and refreshing adult beverages to enjoy with our plunge into the pool on that hot day. […]

I Can Only Change Me

In the opening scene to The Office episode “the Return”, Andy Rurnard walks in after a sabbatical for anger management.  When he sees Jim (his co-worker) he asks Jim to call him Drew from now on. When Jim coldly tells Andy that he won’t be calling him Drew, Andy takes a deep breathe and reminds himself, as […]

Let the little things go

Irritants, disagreements, different perspectives, optional calls… how you handle these types of items shows a big difference between young leaders and more mature leaders. When I was young in leadership I couldn’t let the little things go. Some of this was due to my personality, some of it was due to my maturity, or lack […]