As A First Option Try Coaching

Our adult beverages sucked. It would have been very easy to be upset. After all, we had just paid too much for those poolside margaritas to come back as weak flavored water experiments. Our hope was some very cold and refreshing adult beverages to enjoy with our plunge into the pool on that hot day. […]

Teach in failure

Young leaders need feedback. They won’t make all of the right moves and they won’t have all of the experience that you wish they would have to inform their decision making in tough situations. They also don’t have the requisite vision to see what is coming next. That is what makes them young leaders. When […]

Persistent Leader

We moved into a new community this summer. Through the course of identifying schools, my wife and oldest son came across a descriptive article about a ‘robot club’ at one particular school. Because my son has had a fascination with building things from a very young age this particular item immediately locked into his mind […]

Sarcastic Confusion

“I’m only joking.” “Just Kidding” “I wasn’t serious.” Really? How would I tell… You deadpan sarcasm so much that I can’t figure out which of your statements are serious and which of them are actually playful humor. —- If the previous section strikes a cord with you, it is time to rethink your communication style. […]

5 parts leader

Developing young new recruits inside your movement or organization requires a mixture of different leadership skills. Don’t fall down by relying only on your strengths or natural tendencies. Consider that there is more to leading your team than the things that are hard wired in you…  Inspirational Vision – No one is following beyond the minimum […]


In leadership & in ministry, WHO you have influence you is a very key ingredient. It seems very wise & prudent to carefully select which voices you are going to allow to penetrate into your outlook, attitude, worldview, decision making and direction. Over the last 8 months I have been refining which voices to have speak into […]