Ryan Russell

I don’t own a neat and tidy, easy to interpret job title. My strengths lay in board & leadership development, strategic direction, project management and fundraising initiatives. The bulk of my practical experience is from large church ministry, working in and also launching non-profit organizations, leading time-limited projects and owning a small business.

I am passionate about developing young leaders. It is the reason I take the time to write this blog, spend time coaching them over the phone and dare to challenge each of them personally. The next leaders, like the ones before them, posses the vision and the power to re-create the world in incredibly wonderful ways!

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Fireproof Ministries (aka XXXchurch) : Pastor, Ministry Director & COO of X3watch.com working with Craig Gross and many more talented people since 2008.
NonprofitLand : Contributing Leader & Author


Central Christian Church : Pastor / Executive Leader (1997 through 2008)
theTRADE: Project Leader (2012)

What Do People Say About Ryan Russell?

I would recommend Ryan Russell for any leadership position. He is an ambitious, encouraging, and no-holds-barred kind of leader who’s discipline, knowledge, and ambition make him a stand out among others who have led me. He has been authentic, relational, and challenging in my life, which has significantly improved, spiritually and organizationally, as a result of working with him in the church environment, competing and training with him for triathlon sports, and through his advice and council in my unemployment, and into my job as a Worship Director at Southwest Community Church, where I now work. Ryan’s advanced abilities in the business environment mixed with his ability to relate interpersonally make him a key player where ever he goes. He would be a major asset to any organization or ministry that has the pleasure of having him on their team.
– Jason Shafer – Worship Director; Southwest Community Church, CA

Ryan Russell is a driven leader that expects results from himself and those that he leads. He works tirelessly to bring out the very best level of excellence with anything that he is a part of. He is able to see potential in others and he goes above and beyond to see that they rise to it. He is able to see the big picture and then determine the detailed steps necessary to make it happen. This serves him well with his own projects and also with the people that he is leading. He has some of the best administrative/organizational skills that I’ve ever seen.
– Jeremy Jernigan – Teaching Pastor; Central Christian Church, AZ

Ryan Russell has devoted his life to developing his own leadership skills. As he gained insight into leadership he has passed down what he has learned to young leaders. Ryan is a passionate leader and his desire to lead better is infectious to those around him. I have had the pleasure to serve under his leadership and I know that I am a better leader because of him.
– Justin Humphreys – Student Pastor; Spring Creek Church, CA

Ryan Russell is very good at developing teams. He is extremely visionary and can take a team to the next level. He is creative, organized, and goal-oriented. He is extremely gifted at branding and organizing the look of a ministry or business. He can take an empty space and radically transform it. He is administratively gifted and can organize a team using each person’s individual gifts and strengths to achieve the maximum benefit for the team. He develops and creates a vision, but can also communicate the vision clearly and rally people to follow.
– Mae Moore – Associate Director, Central Christian Church, AZ

Ryan Russell is a creative and perceptive leader who does an excellent job of seeing what needs to be done and motivating those around him to action.  He is a gifted teacher, writer, and organizer who can effectively lead groups of 5 or 50.  Ryan works to put people in positions where they can serve and lead out of their strengths and then coaches and mentors them along the way.  I wouldn’t be doing what I am today if not for his influence and training.
– Jon Wren – Team Leader, Northeast Christian Church, KY