I am pretty sure that the exploration of “coming of age” has been around since at least Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. I lack literary and cinematic history knowledge, so who knows?! I have taken some or all of my boys to four great films over the last year or so. “The Way Way Back” “The Kings of […]

Pushing Reset on Instagram

I have been home one week from one of the best adventures of my life, exploring the wilds of Alaska alone and then onto backpacking 93 miles around Mt. Rainier in Washington. This trip, in some fashion, had been forming in my life over the last year. I had set the time and experience aside […]

Forgo World Domination

Twitter succeeded (albiet maybe not financially) with the simple concept of public social messaging limited to 144 characters. Google gained dominance on “search” long before adwords, gmail, GoogleDocs and the litany of applications. Amazon revolutionized the online shopping mall but now delivers server farms, phones, video content. Godaddy? Much the same, they made it easy to by a […]

Add Daily Value

Add Daily Value It’s a simple thought, but let it sit on you for a moment as you reflect on your leadership. Don’t think of it as a directive given to you by your boss who is looking for higher ROI (return on investment). No one is going to force you to add daily value […]

More Good Than Bad

Leading never fails to present obstacles and challenges. Every day is packed full with new mountains to scale, goals to achieve, problems to crack and people to inspire or correct. In the midst of the full day and the jammed packed week, it’s very possible to become overtaken by all of the items that are […]

10 reasons why organizations fail to develop great volunteers

Why organizations fail to develop great volunteers? Here’s the top 10 reasons why organizations fail to develop a great team of volunteer leaders. 1. A lack of vision If you think volunteers can’t do anything important then you have no vision for the power of internally motivated, passionate people changing the world. Your vision of […]

You Must Learn To Write

I had no idea how when I was 16, 21 or even 26 years old just how much learning to write effectively would alter the course of my leadership world and also my earning potential. I truly believe that you must learn to write. This isn’t a new concept. Leaders throughout history have been avid […]

You Are Who You Are

You are who you are. You are not who you say you are. You are not who you are pretending to be, nor are you yet who you want to be. You are not the sum total of all of all of your worst weaknesses nor are you the best of all of your greatest strengths. You might […]

The Difficulties of Leadership

I’m a minimalist. I give away almost everything I don’t really need and part ways quickly with things just taking up space or collecting dust. I have very, very few collections or random trinkets I hold dear. In my office there is a stack of books, each laid on their side, that reaches nearly seven […]

4 things you must do while in college

This isn’t an old man regretting decisions not made, but experience casting a bet on what the next generation will need to excel, regardless of whether you are pursuing leadership in business, the nonprofit sector or the military. Here are 4 things you must do while in college – 1. Learn a foreign language with […]