As A First Option Try Coaching

Our adult beverages sucked. It would have been very easy to be upset. After all, we had just paid too much for those poolside margaritas to come back as weak flavored water experiments. Our hope was some very cold and refreshing adult beverages to enjoy with our plunge into the pool on that hot day. In this early summer moment of frustration and disappointment I was a witness to a very finely tuned leadership skill put on display. Instead of fury, harsh rebuke or silent contempt, my uncle proceeded to invest a valuable fifteen minutes of his afternoon in coaching the young man who was behind the bar. He wasn’t aggressive but personable. He wasn’t arrogant but rather experienced. He wasn’t hurried but instead showed genuine interest in the young person. The net result equalled a better blend of ice cold pool side liquid goodness AND an invaluable leadership lesson.

Correction does NOT have to come through conflict.
But I have seen it time and again with leaders developing young leaders, they often seek to correct their leadership 1) after many mistakes have been made & ignored
and 2) with an aggressive, adversarial or conflict oriented style.

Try something new.

Consider a few adjustments in your development of the people around you.
* See the person you are developing as someone who wants to learn & grow; assume the best about them.
* Don’t wait for mistakes or missteps to build up; address the situation or actions as soon as possible and as often as necessary.
* Use a coaching approach; think about your language, tone, posture, facial expression.


It really isn’t that hard to help someone else increase their performance when you see their shortcomings as coaching opportunities where, without arrogance, ego or attitude you approach it as an opportunity to develop them for success.

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