You Are Who You Are

You are who you are. You are not who you say you are. You are not who you are pretending to be, nor are you yet who you want to be. You are not the sum total of all of all of your worst weaknesses nor are you the best of all of your greatest strengths. You might […]

Two Thoughts On College

Here are two thoughts on college. And I lead with these questions: Is it worth your time and money? And will it propel you towards your goals? College is not worth the loans. Why a graduate degree is a waste of time for most people.

Key Ingredients For Being Mentored

So you want to be mentored? In search of self improvement or a desire to move forward professionally, you have landed on the idea that you need a mentor. Wanting a mentor is easier than the process of being mentored. Here are key ingredients for being mentored and developing in leadership. Go look for a mentor. It […]

Do you have what you need?

Do you have what you need in cycling and in leadership? Yes, it is a basic question. One asked over and over again on the trail or on the road from one cyclist to another. It is a question of necessary assistance, not one of extravagant desire. This phrase typifies one of my favorite aspects […]

3 Posts To Crank Up Your Leadership

Why re-write it? These 3 recent posts (2 from @nonprofitland) will crank your leadership up several notches. Ambition + Direction = Dangerous Does it keep you up at night? @CraigXXXChurch Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort @MCuban

Not Every Skateboarder Is A Loser

Obviously. But default thinking might lead you to believe that most kids who spend endless afternoons at the skate park are wasting away valuable time and have nothing but aimless futures in store for themselves. Every time I go to the park I see… dedication persistance practice physical exertion a hunger to acquire new skills […]

A Hunger to Develop Leaders

My mind is boggled by the leaders who are unable to identify and develop the leadership hunger within their young employees. Leaders of any worthwhile effort want and NEED to surround themselves with more and more capable young / new leaders. Like in sports, only a very rare and small percentage of individuals have raw, […]

The Thrill Of The Challenge

I love competition. And even more, I love leaders who step up to a challenge.These are the kinds of people who say,  “Push me!”  “Go ahead, run your smack talk at me! I am going to prove I belong.” “Notch it up just a bit I want to see if I can compete… to see […]

Why You Hate Tim Tebow

It is easy to hate optimism. It is even easier to hate a cheerful winner. Add in to the mix, “well, he’s not even that good”, and then you really need to hate Tim Tebow. Sunday’s game was awesome! And yes, Tebow needs to be thankful that Marion Barber lost the game for the Bears. […]

Occupy this you silly people

Try as I might, I can’t figure out the main point of “Occupy Wall Street“. It just so happened that I was there on the day the riots started and nearly 200 people were arrested. In all my research these two videos best highlight what I think of the situation as an observer who actually […]