Where Is Your Hungry Man?

Each of us has a better, hungrier leader located deep inside. Some know how to tap readily into this hungry self and bring him or her to the table on a daily basis. This hungry man has drive and determination. He goes out and kicks tale. He works relentlessly days and sometime nights on meeting […]

You can always get your job back

Fear holds you back from doing something new, adventurous and more significant. And fear holds you back from leaving the comfort of a job you know and do well, for the pursuit of the unknown, for the possibilities that lay ahead. Think for a moment about your current, comfortable job. It’s familiar. You have achieved […]

Compete Until You Are 80!

I want to compete until I’m 80! These three and a half minutes of audio from Colin Cowherd are absolutely on target. What a great interview question this would make as you hire new team members, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Take a listen: Compete until you are 80 My favorite quote […]

Repeating Excellence

How bad to you want to have repeating excellence? Repeating excellence is daunting. Heck, achieving a high level of excellence one time is very, very challenging. That companies like Apple, Ralph Lauren, Mercedes can do it over and over again in such a competitive market place is astonishing. Consider the olympic games. The Ryan Lochte […]

Confidence and Curiosity Should Not Be Diminishing Resources

It bothers me that the older people get and the more life experience that we all gain, that I see most people experience a diminishing amount of confidence. Equally perplexing is the trend towards ‘less curious’ instead of ‘more curious’ about the world, people, science, imagination, the outdoors, adventure, and personal limits. I understand that life […]

Take 51 Percent Ownership

Everyone is looking for someone else to be responsible. You would like to receive all of the accolades and but realize none of the risk or responsibility. It is ok to admit this internally. If your job goes well, you will stake claim to the rewards that follow. However, if your job isn’t getting done then it […]

The Pushing Games

It is not nice to push. Ask any mother, teacher or elementary school principal. Even ask the youngest kids on the playground and they will confirm that this is true. It just isn’t nice to push. But yet, in school yards all across America it still happens, though much less than it used to. In […]

3 Posts To Crank Up Your Leadership

Why re-write it? These 3 recent posts (2 from @nonprofitland) will crank your leadership up several notches. Ambition + Direction = Dangerous Does it keep you up at night? @CraigXXXChurch Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort @MCuban

Not Every Skateboarder Is A Loser

Obviously. But default thinking might lead you to believe that most kids who spend endless afternoons at the skate park are wasting away valuable time and have nothing but aimless futures in store for themselves. Every time I go to the park I see… dedication persistance practice physical exertion a hunger to acquire new skills […]

Go Ahead, Be Elite And Be Confident

At the beginning of the season, Eli Manning was asked by a reporter if he was an elite quarterback, playing at a comparable level to Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. His answer… “Yes.” Much was made of his response. Pundits don’t have better things to do with their time than debate performance, wins, […]