For My Christian Friends, Leadership, Creativity & Disciplines from Rob Bell

Apparently Rob Bell has been holding some two day leadership / creativity symposiums this summer. I’m pretty sure I’m not creative or christian enough to get in the door. However, it appears that Leon Bloder is, so he went and I am thankful he wrote about it. This blog from one session of the event is really good; he […]

Go Ahead, Be Elite And Be Confident

At the beginning of the season, Eli Manning was asked by a reporter if he was an elite quarterback, playing at a comparable level to Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. His answer… “Yes.” Much was made of his response. Pundits don’t have better things to do with their time than debate performance, wins, […]

Magic In A Conversation

It is tough, I know. I too sometimes get caught up in the whole dilemma. In our heads it goes something like this… “Why call the guy when I can email him? Or wait, why email him when I can so quickly text? Better still, why bother with text, I’ll just tweet at him the […]

The Face of Intensity

The face of intensity and soon to be the winningness coach in NCAA men’s basketball history – Coach Mike Krzyzewski. As a coach, he is an expert at balancing critique with praise. Boil down great coaching feedback into it’s rawest sound bites and you might mistakenly determine that the leader hates their athletes more than their […]

Your Role When You Are Pissed

* This email dialogue between myself and a younger leader is posted with permission. On Aug 4, 2011, at 7:42 PM a friend of mine wrote: Ok… so what’s the deal w/ people who out rank me putting me as the last priority? Maybe I need to be knocked down a few rungs (you’re welcome […]

Great Teams Can Be Heard

I regularly listen to the Dan Patrick show ( and it has quickly come to replace all other sports talk shows as my very favorite to download and give time to while I am running or driving. Here’s the key ingredients of ‘why’ – Humor, Sports and Team Work. Even if you don’t like sports […]

Being Surly Guarantees Failure

Become known as the ass, the grump, the NO guy. Let pessimism run deep in your soul. Always have a ‘critical eye’. See things as obstacles rather than natural challenges. Laugh little. ‘High-five’, never! Treat life and work as a robot… no good times or parties allowed. Appreciate few things and articulate your thanks seldom. […]

Imperfect and No Replay

“It was the biggest call of my career,” an emotional Jim Joyce told reporters, “and I kicked it. I just cost that kid a perfect game.” – Jim Joyce, MLB Umpire Life is full of imperfection and there is no replay. What makes for great people and great leadership is how you respond to the […]

Pricing the Pickle

Before we began, $60 per month seemed a little steep for a 6 year old’s karate lessons. My wife took our son to the first few sessions and came back with such glowing reports about the instructor that I had to go check it out for myself. Turns out the dude is very good… and […]

White Paper War

“We will fight the White Paper as if there is no war, and fight the war as if there is no White Paper.” -David Ben-Gurion, Head of the Jewish Agency for Palestine in September 1939 (he later became Israel’s 1st Prime Minister) 1939 was not a good year to be a Jew.  In Continental Europe, […]