Being Surly Guarantees Failure

Become known as the ass, the grump, the NO guy. Let pessimism run deep in your soul. Always have a ‘critical eye’. See things as obstacles rather than natural challenges. Laugh little. ‘High-five’, never! Treat life and work as a robot… no good times or parties allowed. Appreciate few things and articulate your thanks seldom. Be known for your resistance rather than your support, advice, aid, insights or wisdom. While you’re at it, also find a way to include bitching, complaints, grumbles, negativity, resistance. frowns and anxiety into your repertoire . Hold on fast to all wrongs and resentments and failures for a really long time. Most of all, be sure to dwell on the little things.

It’s easy to notice these traits in others, but it is quite hard to identify our own patterns of surliness. Correct your course. Be the optimistic leader that people cheerfully line up with.

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