5 New-World Tools

Here are some very basic thoughts on for working, networking, living and leading in the world today. These are not comprehensive and they may not even be the top 5 so add some ideas of your own to the comments section. I feel silly even writing about these things but every week I run into leaders who are violating at least 2 of these 5 items.

Cell # – Keep the one you have. Don’t use the one your company gives you (unless you have to). DON’T ever change your number (unless your area code is North Dakota, then travel some place cool and get set-up there). Invariably you will change jobs, locations, etc… most people hate trying to track you down. Worst yet, they won’t.

Personalized Email – Similar to your cell, don’t make changes that keep the right and important people from finding you. Unless your employer requires you to use their email address, create your own. Get one at Gmail or .ME or get your own domain. I use 2. I for people and a different one for filling out forms and other crap on & off-line.

Google Docs – This is my preferred collaboration tool, others like Basecamp. The principle here is simple. Learn how to effectively collaborate and use current tools that allow you to do this effectively with others. If you haven’t spent time doing anything other than goofing off on the internet, start learning NOW how to use the amazing free work tools found online.

Network Tools – Sure, Facebook is good, but be sure to constantly be developing your own network of indispensable relationships, contacts, phone numbers and emails. This truth is as old as society.

Work from Anywhere – Train yourself to effectively be able to work from anywhere. Create your own personal spaces & virtual offices. IF you have to be ‘at your office’ to get your job done you won’t last long in the new world of work. By your own laptop. Keep your own files. Create your own securities and back-up systems. Make sure that everything essential to high performance is available to you online. Take reimbursements if they are available from your company for things like your cell or computer or licenses, but don’t let anyone else own your new office.