The 3 Most Important Resume Items

I’ve seen a thousand+ resumes over the years and now it is time to declare that the traditional resume must die. Here are 3 things that matter most for your new generation of resume.

1. Remarkable Performance.
This is also known as your portfolio of art, accomplishments, projects and leadership. Believe it or not, when you are exceptional with who you are and at what you do, word does still get around.

2. In-Person Network
All things being equal, the living, breathing human being still makes the most accurate and best impression. Way too many people are jobless because they are hiding behind their computers or are too lazy to drive down the street to me a possible employers or customers. Get out! Go meet some new people that matter. Learn what they do. Share what you do. Volunteer on local projects that matter. Make some free contributions to share your remarkable abilities. Knock on the door on the head of HR, maybe they are more available for real people than you know.

3. Online Presence
I am not talking about your wasted Farmville time on Facebook. Share your art, your talks, your thoughts and your references from bosses, peers, and employees.  Blog about your industry, your role and how you are leading, serving or producing. (Heck, just do it at least once a month if you struggle to get started.) Post interesting and excellent pictures of yourself and possibly short videos. List your past projects giving a few important details. Make it easy for people to contact you via email and phone. If you are worried about security & spam, get a FREE number & email through google, then give your real stuff to legit contacts.

Do these 3 things well and you will never need your college formatted, Microsoft word template resume again.