10 Ways To Lower Your Stress And Get A Raise

I’ve been successfully spinning lots of plates in leadership now for well over ten years. (I wasn’t successfully spinning very few plates when I was a twenty-something.) There has been years where I have lead 40+ staff and 100’s of volunteers with budget oversight of a couple of million of dollars. There has also been […]

Love Generously

A little more than 15 years ago I finally and fully relinquished the rights to my free time and any remaining sense of personal autonomy by having kids. I don’t think men dream of having children the way that women do. If they do, I haven’t met those men. For myself, and a lot of […]


“The 6 Most Important Learnings From My Summer”, #1 VALUE, #2 MINIMAL, #3 WILD, #4 PEACE, and … #5 – LIVING Life is lived in stages. We all evolve, or potentially devolve, but we are never static. Birth. Childhood. Adolescence. Young adulthood. College. Our 20’s with our first jobs, the paving of our ways for a career. First […]


“The 6 Most Important Learnings From My Summer”, #1 VALUE, #2 MINIMAL, #3 WILD and now… #4 – PEACE   I found peace in Alaska I must tell you about two days (or two events) that have given me a peace that I have been searching for for years. Hang with me, or just skip to the bottom. Choose […]


Prologue: I promised “The 6 Most Important Learnings From My Summer”. As I read through all of these posts (most all of them were written in one complete sitting) I know full well that they make the most sense when taken all together as a complete, summary explanation of the personal growth that I have experienced in […]


  Every once in a while I can feel myself grow and change.   The 6 Most Important Learnings From My Summer Even in conversations I can usually tell when some new light bulb has gone off for me. I try to capture these moments of personal growth and refine them down to easy to remember […]


I am pretty sure that the exploration of “coming of age” has been around since at least Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. I lack literary and cinematic history knowledge, so who knows?! I have taken some or all of my boys to four great films over the last year or so. “The Way Way Back” “The Kings of […]

Pushing Reset on Instagram

I have been home one week from one of the best adventures of my life, exploring the wilds of Alaska alone and then onto backpacking 93 miles around Mt. Rainier in Washington. This trip, in some fashion, had been forming in my life over the last year. I had set the time and experience aside […]

Forgo World Domination

Twitter succeeded (albiet maybe not financially) with the simple concept of public social messaging limited to 144 characters. Google gained dominance on “search” long before adwords, gmail, GoogleDocs and the litany of applications. Amazon revolutionized the online shopping mall but now delivers server farms, phones, video content. Godaddy? Much the same, they made it easy to by a […]